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Planning a trip to Africa can be a daunting experience. My sincere advice: Work closely with a safari expert in Africa, someone who listens to you and offers personalized solutions, someone who intimately knows the destinations, someone who is conscious of your budget, interests and needs, who recognises your individuality, someone who doesn’t impose their ideas on You.

Someone who will provide an Ideal Journey. A Real Expert. That someone is Greenlife.

We’re here to Help You!

Let me introduce myself and Greenlife Africa Safaris in the short video.

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African Journeys with Greenlife – since 1992

“Every human should, if they have the means or opportunity, experience the magnificence and bio-diversity of Africa. It is a journey that enriches the soul and will remain in your heart forever!“ Safari Russ, Greenlife CEO

With Greenlife, you benefit from our 23 years as an owner-run safari consultancy and operator and you’ll be blown away by our enthusiasm and dedication. We listen to You and know the answers to your questions. You work with a dedicated Travel Professional whose goal is your satisfaction and to ensure that your safari is the most memorable holiday of Your life.

From planning your experience with you and implementing all the arrangements - including personalised guiding and access to chat anytime with our CEO, Russ Weston - our work does not end when You start travelling: You have the peace-of-mind of having your agent on the ground in Africa and available to assist you 24/7.

And the next time you return to Africa, We will still be here for You!

We pride our service by the very fact that much of our business is from personal recommendations of very satisfied past clients, as well as many returning travellers who have become seasoned Africa adventurers under Greenlife’s guiding hand.

Read our full online Safari Guide here.

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Why Greenlife Africa Safaris

Take the First Step to Africa Now

  • Putting you first; saving you time; saving you money!
  • Over 23 years of experience as an owner-run business.
  • Independent, so we don’t impose solutions on travellers.
  • Solid reputation with our suppliers and underwritten by Lloyds Liability
  • You work with a dedicated safari specialist at no extra cost to you.
  • We pass on our discounted rates on tours and accommodation to you.
  • Don't be overwhelmed by the amount of choice - we are here to help you!
  • Based in Cape Town, South Africa. Help available 24/7 when traveling with us.

It’s Your holiday, not ours! You probably prefer the High Road to the low road, you most likely shy away from the herd mentality, preferring to forge your own path. But along the way, it can be very useful having experts who have come up with some of the most popular ideas and workable concepts for travel to Africa.

We all have our favourite destinations on this beautiful planet. At Greenlife, we know the most desirable places in Africa. Take the short cut to finding your dream spot by choosing a Greenlife Top Destination in Southern Africa.

Explore Your interests in Africa - it will make your journey so much more meaningful! We have some tantalising ideas that will inspire you and help find solutions. Get started on personalizing your African safari by tailoring a trip according to your preferred activity or interest.

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