About Us

The driving force and vision behind Greenlife Africa is innovative and experiential travel, offering visitors the stimulation of African splendour and a personalized journey for those wishing to acquaint themselves with the legends of Africa.

Founded in 1992 by conservationist, humanitarian and nature-guide specialist, Russell Weston has led expeditions throughout Southern Africa and heads up the Greenlife team in Cape Town.

His experience and active involvement in every aspect of the company has resulted in Greenlife Africa being recognized as a credible, trustworthy, dependable and enormously successful Safari Service for more than two decades. Cultivating a personal approach, Russell’s passion is reflected through his constant engagement with guest and the camaraderie promoted within the Greenlife Africa Team.

Lead by Russell’s visionary ideals, the Greenlife Africa Team consists of dynamic individuals who believe in the philosophy that sustainable tourism is imperative to maintain success and ensure future travel within Africa. Our tenets promote trust, reliance and value, which have cemented Greenlife Africa’s excellence as a legendary heart and home of African travel. The distinctions and expertise achieved in African tourism allowed us to expand our travel network over the years, guaranteeing an ingenuous, fresh and inspiring approach to Safari itineraries. The Greenlife Africa team endorses a 24 hour service, ensuring that with us you are never alone while exploring the abundant beauty of Africa.

Constantly changing to improve our guest’s experience, Greenlife Africa measures success based on personal reviews, word-of-mouth referrals and return clients. Involved in every aspect of your travels, from planning your personalized itinerary to logistics, and implementation; overseeing the entire process. Greenlife Africa is best equipped to assist you with your African safari, allow us to exceed your expectations.