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Botswana with Greenlife Safaris offers the best safari lodges and camps with superb wildlife in wilderness areas, an experience unparalleled in Africa.


Laying in the heart of southern Africa, Botswana is a country that exemplify the safari experience and embodies the outstanding beauty of Africa. The arid desert country is one of miraculous scenes, and to ensure it stays that way, Botswana has adopted a low-impact, high-cost tourism policy which guarantees its visitors exclusivity, luxury and the feel of a true African wilderness.

The allure of picture-perfect panoramic plains stretch as far as the eye can see, granting Botswana the title of being a Mecca to all photography enthusiasts. Its allure is one of diversity, a country that absorbs the beams of the African sun and in turn, transforms its desert heat into a glittering landscape of marvel and magnificence.

The dusted town of Maun is the gateway to all things safari in Botswana and although the country is a vast arid region of red desert sand, the Central Kalahari is unusually carpeted by grass-covered dunes, dotted by ancient baobab and acacia’s, and flourishing with vegetation.

Journey to the world’s largest inland delta and drift through shimmering floodplains, pools and lily covered lagoons which is essentially known as the Okavango Delta.

Chobe National Park is a collection of paradise-like eco-systems, swarming with the flutter of remarkable birdlife which are attracted by the thriving growth of lush plant species; all coming together to fill the outstandingly beautiful landscape of the Africa wilderness.


Access Details

Botswana has daily flights to Gaborone and Maun via Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport and Cape Town. Domestic flights connect between Gaborone, Maun, Kasane and Francistown. Self drive is only recommended with two or more 4x4 vehicles.

Vehicle hire is available

Suggested Stay Details

The ideal time to experience Botswana is between 7 - 10 days.

Type of Experience

One of best safari destinations in Africa. Safari activities in Okavango, Chobe, Mashatu and Kalahari. Discover Rock Art, archaeological treasures, traverse expansive salt pans, discover giant baobab trees, explore red sands of Kalahari, and seek out elusive desert animals.

The country is a Mecca for photography, wildlife safaris and adventures. Botswana is one of Africa’s booming economies, and as such, the country welcomes international guests with warm smiles and open arms.

Offering everything from ancient history, African tradition and culture, an outstandingly miraculous landscape and of course, a safari destination that is home to a diverse population of exceptional wildlife. There is no doubt that Botswana is one of the best countries to visit when on safari.


Botswana’s infrastructure is excellent and the country is relatively safe. Home to international bank facilities and luxurious accommodation, Botswana is sure to impress the most seasoned of travelers.


Botswana is largely covered by the Kalahari Desert, but inland rivers run deep and the Okavango Delta gives rise to a lush emerald covered landscape.


Round about the 1800’s, the Batswana moved into Botswana from the regions of South Africa and lived under tribal rule as hunter-gathers. The 19th Century ushered in turbulent times between the tribes of the Batswana and the Boer settlers who occupied the Transvaal. In 1885, the northern regions of Bechuanaland were placed under the direct protection of the British Government and the southern regions became part of the Cape Colony.

As time passed, northern Bechuanaland became known as Botswana and southern Bechuanaland has formed part of South Africa’s Northwest Province.
In 1964 Botswana was granted independence from British government and as a result, the county became democratic and self-government.

Botswana Travel Destinations

Central Kalahari and Makgadigadi

Central Kalahari and Makgadigadi with Greenlife Safaris offers desert wilderness lodges and tented safari camps in beautiful desert sanctuaries.

Unique area with wide open pans, baobab trees, cultural history with the san people and desert adapted wildlife.

Chobe Kwando and Linyanti

Chobe, Kwando and Linyanti with Greenlife Safaris offers mid to top end wildlife safari lodges and tented camps in Big Five game country.

Chobe close to the Northern boder of Botswana, easy access to Victoria Falls; Kwando & Linyanti more remote areas with private concession. Known for their large elephant herds especially in the dry season.


Gaberone with Greenlife Safaris offers mid to top end business and tourist hotels in the bustling capital city of Botswana.

Mashatu and Tuli

Mashatu Game Reserve with Greenlife Safaris offers top end wildlife safari lodges and tented camps in Big Five and baobab country.

Land of giants - Baobab trees; rock formations and unique landscape. Offering divers activities - mountain biking and horseback riding.


Maun with Greenlife Safaris offers mid end tourist hotels and lodges in the bustling gateway city to the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Entry point for the Okavango Delta and hub of the safari industry in Botswana, main Airport to arrive into for visiting the Okavanog Delta and catching your light aircraft to one of the camps in the Delta.

Okavango Delta and Moremi

Okavango Delta and Moremi with Greenlife Safaris offers top end wildlife safari lodges and tented camps in pristine Big Five wilderness parks.

Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve - This desert oasis is the world's largest inland delta, and its overwhelming beauty is a site to behold. Bursting out into numerous networks of winding water labyrinths, the Okavango River feeds the deltas shimmering floodplains, pools and lagoons and nourishes the floating lilies and fringing forests.

Activities & Highlights

"EXPLORE IN A MAKORO: The many river valleys, swamps and streams attract a plethora of wildlife and with a traditional mokoro, these waters become a majestic winding course of exploration. The mokoro is a dugout canoe used by the indigenous people who occupied the land hundreds of years ago. Drift across pools, lagoons and narrow streams, and listen to the cry of the overflying birds. Watch were you’re drifting because these streams are home to some rather territorial hippos and crocodiles who lounge about without a care in the world, other than the thought of their next meal.

BIRDS PARADISE: The Okavango Delta is a luscious wonderland of papyrus lined waterways, forest fringed pools and rolling grasslands. It is no surprise that birds would flock to these majestic confines. The colourful carmine bee-eater flocks back during the summer months. The woodland kingfisher, hornbill, francolins, warblers and bulbuls all raucously fill the air with the chorus of their tweets. Slaty egret, wanders, storks, cranes and 16 species of heron are all present too.

FEISTY FISH: Home to well over 70 species of fish, the Okavango Delta is the ideal waters to cast a line in and relax. After all, you’re going to need to reserve your strength if it’s the fighting tiger fish you’re after. The streams are flourishing with sick-fin barb fish, tilapia and catfish. Keep a lookout for the giant 1.4m sharptooth-catfish which lurk in these waters.

QUAD BIKE: Explore the plains of the Makgadikgadi Pans on quad bikes. Immerse yourself in the vast saline covered areas and speed around for hours without a true destination.

ELEPHANT TRAILS: Besides the unparalleled beauty of the Okavango Delta, the floodplains lend itself to the march of the African elephant, a giant member of the Big Five. Here you get a chance to explore the wilderness on the back of a well trained gentle African giant. Perched high, you blend into the wilderness which offers astonishing advantages. Strolling alongside the larger elephants are playful calf’s, cutely trying their best not to trample on their own trunk or strolling behind holding the tail of their mother.

Season Travel Details

Botswana is consistent with a arid-desert climate.

The wet season causes the delta to swell and the desert bursts into blossoming colour from November to March.

Rain generally stops in the month of April and the areas become dryer toward October. During this time, game congregate around permanent water holes and the water streams of the delta.

Best of Botswana

Where the waters of the Okavango River meet the fertile Kalahari Sands, it forms a wildlife wonderland like no other place on earth. The matrix of waterways, forested islands and seasonal flood plains supports an amazing diversity and concentration of African animals. Here you will find some of the loveliest camps and lodges tucked away in large private concessions. We combine a water based camp with a land based camp to offer the best experience of the Okavango Delta with a mix of activities which include boat safaris, traditional mokoro dug-out canoe trips and 4x4 game drives. The best way to access these camps is by small charter aircraft which fly at low altitude giving you a wonderful aerial perspective of the vast swampland. The Chobe National Park to the north offers exceptional wildlife viewing along the Chobe and Linyanti rivers. The area is famous for its huge herds of elephant and buffalo and spectacular birdlife. This is a water safari paradise, especially at the end of the day, during the legendary sundowner cruise with the grunt of hippo and the call of the African Fish Eagle. Due to its proximity to Chobe, we include a visit to experience the mighty Victoria Falls as the great Zambezi cascades into a giant chasm between the towns of Livingstone, Zambia and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

Highlights of Southern Africa

The southern sub region of Africa is one of the richest places on earth. It is packed with spectacular scenery, unrivalled biodiversity, amazing year-round weather and vibrant cultural multiplicity. There is a great regional travel network with both scheduled and charter flights conveniently linking destinations. From the arid western shores to the tropical eastern coast and Indian Ocean Islands, here lies an endless world of adventure, wilderness and nature. If time is a factor and you want to focus your holiday on a combination of top destinations which afford you a good perspective of southern Africa, we have blended journeys that take in the very best into a selection of highlight packages. These itineraries include the best wildlife location, natural spectacles like Victoria Falls, the Okavango Delta and the Namib Desert including visits to Cape Town. No matter what your interest is, it is our speciality to tailor journeys in the region that fits your pace and budget. Let us inspire you!

Multiple Countries

For the hardened traveler you can explore great destinations in multiple countries. An example for this is at Kazungula where Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia meet. To the east of South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland and Zimbabwe are in close proximity of each other. Each country has a unique character and they are all very different from each other in landscape and culture. Regional travel is relatively okay if you remain on the main routes, however distances are vast and the conditions can at times be challenging due to some badly maintained roads and poor local driving etiquette. The best way to travel regionally is by air charter which is not only convenient scheduled but it gets you directly to your destinations without extra stops and wasted time. Let us plan your itinerary to most efficiently use the best travel options available to make your journey more comfortable and cost efficient.


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