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Activities and Highlights

Malawi with Greenlife Safaris offers wilderness safari lodges, plus beach hotels and romantic hideaway camps on Lake Malawi.


"Fancy yourself lounging alongside a pristine shoreline as the Warm Heart of Africa beats enticingly; causing rippling waves, caressing your sun kissed skin and awaken your primordial senses?

Well then Malawi and her lake is an ideal destination for you. Listed as one of the Top 10 Emerging Travel Destinations in the world, by Wanderlust Travel Magazine, Malawi boasts an astounding variety of wildlife and untouched landscape, sustained by the low tourist influx.

Visit Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi, and get your fill of uniquely local African entertainment, art and culture. Traditional dance and music can be seen performed during initiation rites, rituals, ceremonies and other celebrations by the Malawian people.

The market is perfect for collecting souvenirs; from traditional basketry, and mask carvings to oil paintings. Or why not escape the humdrum of modern city life and visit the ancient Chongonie Rock Art Area; a World Heritage Site since 2006. Found in the central region of Malawi, amongst a forest of granite, you will find 127 rock painting sites.

The scenery is definitely dramatic and ranges from lush forests, high plains, river valleys, majestic marshlands and so much more.

Access Details

Malawi’s main airport for international flights is at Lilongwe. Airlines flying to and from Malawi include Air Malawi, which has a pretty good regional network, with three flights a week to Harare, two flights a week to both Lusaka and Johannesburg (Jo’burg).

The following regional airlines also serve Malawi, usually flying on the days Air Malawi doesn’t (so you get a wider choice of flights), with fares mostly on a par: South Africa Airways, flies twice per week to/from Jo’burg (with connections to Durban, Cape Town etc); Kenya Airways flies four times per week to/from Nairobi.

You may use Lilongwe as a gateway to other areas, such as gaining access to South Luwangwa National Park in Zambia by air travel. The Lilongwe Airport is an important light aircraft charter hub for the entire region.

Suggested Stay Details

To experience this fascinating country, you should plan to spend at least a week or more.

Type of Experience

Malawi offers a spectacular and diverse scenery and tremendously friendly locals, along with the comparative ease of travel here, Malawi really does live up to the reputation of the warm heart of Africa .

Malawi’s big draw is the lake: a splendid sliver of sparkling water stretching some 500km along Malawi’s eastern border.


Malawi has 32 airports, six of which have paved runways. The accommodation ranges from luxurious lodges to lakeside hotels. Many lodges are secluded for your personal comfort with amazing views of forest-fringed lagoons.

Lakeside hotels embrace a classically regal yet stylish and forgotten charm. There is more traditional living quarters such as thatched rondavels on offer as well, and of course the Malawian staff will try their utmost to make you smile throughout your stay.


"Malawi has a plateau area of Malawi, which is 600 to 1500 metres above sea level.

To the north of the vast Lake Malawi you will find lush tropic rain forests and rugged mountain escarpments. The low valley land is to the south, such as Lake Malawi and the curving Shire River, as well as river basins of peaceful lagoons, majestic marshlands, open savannah country, lush woodlands and dry forests. The dominant vegetation is that of the Miombo woodlands.


Malawi used to be populated by Buntu tribes and colonially ruled by the British. Formerly known as Nyasaland, the county had a turbulent struggle to gain independence from British rule in 1964.

After claiming their independence, the countries name was changed to Malawi. Of interest is the name given to Lake Malawi by David Livingstone, who first visited the country during British rule. Livingstone named the lake “Lake Nyasa,” unknowingly realizing that the local word for any large body of water is nyasa.

The name given to Lake Malawi by Livingstone is still used today by neighbouring countries who share the lake, namely Tanzania and Mozambique. Another interesting fact of history is that Lake Malawi National Park was the first of its kind to protect the freshwater species of a deep-water River Valley lake.

Malawi Travel Destinations

Activities & Highlights

WILDLIFE SANCTUARY: An attractive variety of wildlife found nowhere else but within the borders of Malawi. The world’s first “People And Wildlife” Centre is found within the Lilongwe Natural Sanctuary. The centre is supported by the locals to help promote conservation and offer rehabilitation to lions, leopards, antelope, baboons and crocodiles, to name but a few. There are other activities as well such as an adventure playground and walking trails throughout a 100 hectare woodland area.

CULTURAL ATTRACTIONS: There are plenty of opportunities to see cultural customs such as traditional dances, performances of eclectic music and ceremonies of ritualistic significance dating back to a time of ancient ancestry. Souvenirs are a must for all visitors and the Lilongwe markets spoils her visitors with choices; from traditional basketry, and mask carvings to oil paintings.

INTEREST IN AGRICULTURE: Malawi is a country heavily dependent on its agricultural efforts. Tobacco is the country’s main export and Lilongwe is where all the magic happens. A place of interest is the Tobacco Auction Floors which operates annually for six months, during April to September, and attracts buyers from across the world.

Season Travel Details

Malawi is a hot country with an equatorial climate. The warm months of November to April bring rain and thunderstorms. An annual rainfall of about 725 mm to 2500 mm can be expected depending on the region. The months from May to September are dry.


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