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Activities and Highlights

Swaziland with Greenlife Safaris offers lovely country lodges, game parks and good hotels in charming mountain Kingdom.

Swaziland is one of the last remaining complete monarchies in the world. It is one of the smallest countries in Africa and has earned a status of one of the friendliest in Southern Africa.


Owning the title as the smallest country in the southern hemisphere and Africa’s last absolute monarchy, the modest Kingdom of Swaziland is an explosion of cultural charm, rustic landscape and regal ethnicity that is sure to mesmerize any visitor.

Access Details

The only International airport of Swaziland is Matsapha Airport which lies about 1km outside of Manzini. Airlink Swaziland provides flights from Johannesburg and Durban (South Africa).

Suggested Stay Details

We suggest spending 3 - 5 days visiting Swaziland.

Type of Experience

Art, Craft and Cultural: Interested in the creative trinkets of Swaziland? Well, African art and handmade crafts are found in every market. Visit the Ngwenya Glass Village and see how meticulous glass sculptures are created. The Ezulwini Valley, also known as the Valley of Heaven, is the country’s entertainment centre. If you are souvenir hunting, keep in mind that Swaziland is famous for their intricately decorated hand-crafted candles.

Not to be missed is the Cultural Village which is a living museum preserving traditional life dating back to the 1850’s. Created in 1950, the Umphakati Chief Homestead is a real African Village that you can visit to gain a practical Swazi-experience. Of course, the Incwana and Reed Dance are gaining international popularity, which takes place between August and December, depending on astrological alignment.

Rest and Relaxations: For those of you, who need a much deserved break from the craze of city life, why not take in the soothing sounds of nature. Enjoy a calming horse ride along the Usutu River or follow in the footsteps of ancient hunters by signing up for a guided walking safari through scrubland, hills and valleys.



Less developed than other tourist destinations, Swaziland is ideal for those wishing to get off the beaten track and gain a sense of rural Africa. Most Swazi citizens live in traditional homesteads, instead of cities and villages. Accommodation on offer ranges from semi-open stone and thatch cottages, log cabins and traditional thatched huts for visitors to gain the full Africa experience.

Colonial themed lodges are always a popular option too. On the other hand, if elegance and pampering is what you are after, you will not be disappointed because a five star luxury hotel room is not out of reach. Family and royal suites are all on offer too, including treatments at the spa.


Swaziland is divided into four regional belts, from west to east; high veld, middle veld, low veld, and the Lebombo Plain extend eastward to the Lebombo Mountains. The countryside is diverse and consists of all types of terrain, from fertile savannah to mountain peaks and river valleys, except dessert landscapes.


The area known today as the Kingdom of Swaziland has been inhabited since the Stone Age by Bushmen; indicated by human remains and Bushmen paintings. Nguni descendants migrated to Maputo and other surrounding areas in the 15th century and around the 1700’s, Nkosi Dlamini settled in present-day Swaziland, which has never been totally subjected.

Even though the country was administered by the British, the people of Swaziland have always governed the land according to their traditions. In 1881 the British government sighted an agreement and recognized Swaziland’s independence. As a result, Swaziland was placed under South African administration until the Boer war in 1899 and once again, Swaziland became High Commission Territory under the British.

King Sobhaza II reigned for 66 years until his death, which resulted in the world’s longest ruling monarch. The Kingdom of Swaziland gained independence from being a British protectorate in 1968. In 1986, the current monarch, King Mswati III was crowned as king. The majority of Swazis have always supported the monarchy until recently.

Swaziland Travel Destinations

Activities & Highlights

Wildlife Sanctuaries: Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary is the oldest in the region and was once stripped from almost all wildlife due to hunters. The sanctuary is one of Swaziland’s success stories and now flourishes with hippos, crocs and giraffes to name but a few inhabitants.

Mkhaya Game Reserve is dominated by 6000 species of plant life, including the oldest seed-bearing plant in the world; the ancient cycad which is protected by law. Another success story, Mkhaya Game Reserve has one of the most effective anti-poaching units in Africa and you are guaranteed to have a better chance of sighting black rhino here compared to any other sanctuary in southern Africa. Swaziland buzzes with bird life, more than 450 species have been recorded, enough to amaze any birdwatcher.

Worth mentioning is that Hlane Royal International Park is home to the highest density of nestling white backed vultures found in the entire Africa, and four of the Big Five roam the landscape too.

Adrenaline Driven: Lebombo Mountain is one of the most scenic landscapes in Swaziland and the rocky landscape is broken by three rivers; the Ngwavuma, Usutu and the Mbuluzi. The rapid rivers and mountainous landscape provides the ideal setting for all seeking the thrill of outdoor adventure.

Canoeing, white river rafting, mountain climbing, abseiling and kloof jumping are all on offer to keep the daringly, brave, and physically fit more than ecstatic with adrenaline pumping activities.

Season Travel Details

wet weather during December to February. June to September is regarded as the dry winter season.


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