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Zimbabwe with Greenlife Safaris offers safari lodges and tented camps in game reserves, country guest houses, hotels and resorts.

Zimbabwe has several of the best national parks in Africa; the country is endowed with magnificent landscapes and a wealth of wildlife. The expansive Zambezi River presents adventure opportunities galore and Victoria Falls will leave you breathless, while the variety of birdlife attractions fanatics year-round.


Although Zimbabwe has been the topic of much debate, the country is safe for travel and has some of the most pectacular, scenic and wildest experiences in Africa. It is a country that is rich in historical artefacts, cultural allure and majestic vast open plains that are freely roamed by Africa’s most wild, the Big Five.

Journey to Harare, the primary gateway city of Zimbabwe, which blooms with the presence of jacaranda and boasts many natural, historical, and cultural marvels. Harare is the economic hub and capital city of Zimbabwe, embracing modernity while remaining true to a truly African atmosphere.

The Hwange National Park maintains the distinction of being Zimbabwe’s largest wildlife sanctuary and is home to some of the largest herds in Africa, boasting more than 30000 elephants.

Although Gonarerhou National Park means “place of many elephants”, it name mentions nothing about the rugged natural beauty that is home to Africa’s largest tusked mammals, include 500 bird species, 147 species of mammal, more than 116 reptile species, 34 frog species, and 49 species of fish.

Embodying the immensity of an inland ocean, Lake Kariba is an outstanding architectural feat birthed by the sheer genius of man, creating the vast vision of these surreal waters.

Mana National Park not only has outstanding natural beauty but with the arrival of its dry season, the national park plays host to the highest concentration of wildlife on the African continent and boasts the largest inland concentration of hippopotami and Nile crocodile.

Visit the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and explore what was the centre of a thriving Bantu civilisation that dates back as far as the 11th and 15th centuries.

Deemed as a Natural World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls boasts the spectacular phenomenon of being the widest curtain of falling water on the face of our blue plant. Its sheer magnitude is mesmerising, the sound of cascading water is captivating and the dramatic scenery it sinks into is exceptional.

Access Details

Zimbabwe may be accessed via scheduled flight from Johannesburg and Lusaka in the capital Harare or the top destination of Victoria Falls.

Suggested Stay Details

To make the most of a visit to Zimbabwe, we suggest that you spend at least two weeks.
The destinations are vast and varied and it is worth taking the time to explore them. Landscape, culture and wildlife, it is a worthy one country destination.

Type of Experience

KARIBA HOUSEBOATS: Lake Kariba is home to one of southern Africa’s largest
houseboats; the Southern Bell, which to a certain extent resembles the world-renowned riverboats that sail across the Mississippi River. With a stark white
exterior, a lavishly decorated interior and the outstanding luxury of a boutique hotel,
the Southern Bell offers an African lakeside experience. Equipped with a conference
room, bar and restaurant, this is ideal as a retreat that offers both business and
pleasure while being nestled in the African wilderness.

CANOE SAFARI: Mana Pools National Park is the ideal destination to experience
the palatial cruise of an active canoe safari. Ranging between three to five days, you
will get the chance of exploring one of the last truly unspoilt regions of Africa as you
drift across the glistening waters of the mighty Zambezi River. Enter the Mana Pools
of main, Long, Chine and Chisambik but be wary of sun bathing hippopotami and
Nile crocodile, these folk don’t take kindly to space invaders. As you paddle your way
through the silence of nature’s solitude and you gain an appreciation for its
remarkable beauty, the sights and smells of the African wilderness.

FLIGHT OF THE ANGELS: Dr. David Livingstone once wrote that Victoria Falls was
“a sight so wonderful that angels mush have gazed down on it in flight.” Here’s your
chance to call yourself an angel and fly across the majestic falls from the soaring
heights of a light aircraft, helicopter or micro-light.


The major cities and designated tourist destinations consists of a well infrastructure that has been largely developed for seasonal visitors. International banking systems, a national network of transport systems and accommodations that ranges from safari lodges to colonial hotels, Zimbabwe is equipped to meet the needs of the international traveller.


Zimbabwe is elevated in the central plateau region and its eastern regions are more mountainous.


As an independent Zimbabwe, the country finally gained independence in 1980. After Robert Mugabe came into government, the capital was changed from Salisbury to Harare in 1982. After the new constitution was accepted to instate a non-executive president, it was rejected in 1987 to make way for the Executive President which took effect with Robert Mugabe in 1988.

Zimbabwe Travel Destinations

Bulawayo and Matobo

Bulawayo and nearby Matobo Mountains with Greenlife Safaris offers quality lodges and camps in beautiful surrounds.

Bulawayo and Motobo located to the South West of Zimbabwe, Bulaway old colonial town with historic buildings; Matobo National Park the opportunity to view both Black & White Rhino.


Harare with Greenlife Safaris offers mid to top end business and holiday hotels and guest houses in capital city of Zimbabwe.

Harare sits on the one of the higher parts of the Highveld plateau of Zimbabwe at an elevation of 1483 metres (4865 feet). The landscape could be described as parkland and the city is beautiful with its avenues of flowering trees and wonderful climate.


Hwange with Greenlife Safaris offers excellent safari lodges and camps in Zimbabwe's premier Big Five wildlife park.

Hwange National Park. Zimbabwe's main wildlife park located south of Victoria Falls bordering Botswana. Known for their large elephant herds; within easy access of Victoria Falls.

Lake Kariba

Lake Kaiba with Greenlife Safaris offers comfortable and friendly holiday hotels on banks of beautiful lake.

The ecology of Lake Kariba is energetic and full of life. The 220 kilometers (140 mi) long and up to 40 kilometers (20 mi) wide lake is the ultimate house boat and water safari destination. The area supports a phenomenal animal and birdlife.

Mana Pools

Mana Pools with Greenlife Safaris offers remote and exclusive safari lodges and tented camps in pristine wildlife region.

Mana Pools National Park is located on the Zambezi River down stream of Lake Kariba and borders Zambia. The floodplain is one of the finest wildlife destinations in Africa. River and land safaris are offered from secluded bush camps along the Zambezi.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls with Greenlife Safaris offers mid to top end hotels and resorts in this premier and magnificent destination.

Victoria Falls - Deemed as a Natural World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls boasts the spectacular phenomenon of being the widest curtain of falling water on the face of our blue plant. Its sheer magnitude is mesmerising, the sound of cascading water is captivating and the dramatic scenery it sinks into is exceptional.

Activities & Highlights

BIRD LOVERS: Explore the outskirts of Harare and visit the Larvon Bird Garden. If
you are a bird watcher, make sure your binoculars are close at hand because the
area has a spectacular array of birdlife; 180 species to be exact. From eagles to
vultures and ibis, the Larvon Bird Gardons is not to be passed by. Situated within the
confines of Lake Chivero Recreational Park is the Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary,
which boasts a remarkable 450 bird species. Ewanrigg Botanical Gardens is yet
another attraction that acts as a sanctuary to many sunbirds, and has about 270
recorded species of birds.

GAME DRIVES: Hwange National Park is one of the few African parks where both
day and night game drives are allowed. Explore the wild in an open vehicle and view
large herd of antelope such as the roan, sable and eland. The park also maintains
the largest population of wild dogs. Common sightings of giraffes, zebra, tsessebe,
black-backed jackal and hyena are seen roaming these vast open plains. Night
drives allow sightings of the somewhat strange springhare and other elusively
nocturnal wildlife.

FEISTY FISH: Fishing is excellent at Lake Kariba but be weary of crocodiles. Most
sought after is the Tiger Fish found in the Zambezi River system, but other species
are caught too. Purple labeo, nkupe, chessa, read breasted tilapia, vundu, electric
catfish and bream are all found swimming in the lake.

ADRENALINE JUNKIES: Seeking thrills and intensity? Well just below the falls lay
the Batoka Gorge, surrounded by the ancient rain forests of the Mosi-oa-Tunya
National Park. This is believed to be the site of the world’s best one-day white-water
rafting with commercial rapids of up to Class VI. Need more intensity? Make your
way to the top of the gorge by cable care and head to the Victoria Falls Bridge, which
connects Zambia to Zimbabwe. This is where you can leap down into the gorge for
about 111m by bungee. Just about any adrenaline pumping activity takes place in
the area; all you have to do is ask.


Season Travel Details

When visiting Hwange National Park, it is best to go during the dry months of July to October. White water rafting on the Zambezi River is best during August and December when the water is low and the rapids are fast. The Victoria Falls are at their most impressive in March and April after the rainy season.

Highlights of Southern Africa

The southern sub region of Africa is one of the richest places on earth. It is packed with spectacular scenery, unrivalled biodiversity, amazing year-round weather and vibrant cultural multiplicity. There is a great regional travel network with both scheduled and charter flights conveniently linking destinations. From the arid western shores to the tropical eastern coast and Indian Ocean Islands, here lies an endless world of adventure, wilderness and nature. If time is a factor and you want to focus your holiday on a combination of top destinations which afford you a good perspective of southern Africa, we have blended journeys that take in the very best into a selection of highlight packages. These itineraries include the best wildlife location, natural spectacles like Victoria Falls, the Okavango Delta and the Namib Desert including visits to Cape Town. No matter what your interest is, it is our speciality to tailor journeys in the region that fits your pace and budget. Let us inspire you!

Multiple Countries

For the hardened traveler you can explore great destinations in multiple countries. An example for this is at Kazungula where Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia meet. To the east of South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland and Zimbabwe are in close proximity of each other. Each country has a unique character and they are all very different from each other in landscape and culture. Regional travel is relatively okay if you remain on the main routes, however distances are vast and the conditions can at times be challenging due to some badly maintained roads and poor local driving etiquette. The best way to travel regionally is by air charter which is not only convenient scheduled but it gets you directly to your destinations without extra stops and wasted time. Let us plan your itinerary to most efficiently use the best travel options available to make your journey more comfortable and cost efficient.


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