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The dynamic, powerhouse of Gaborone is where Botswana's economic matters and commercial magic takes place. As the biggest city and the country’s capital, Gaborone is a concrete African jungle filled with tycoons, executives and lots of elbow grease. As such, the city is a destination frequented by many businessmen and of course, their international entourage and meetings. However, this does not mean that Gaborone is all work and no play.

Gabs, as it is casually know, is a sprawling city that offers both leisure and business visitors some sites of interest. Like many other African cities, Gaborone overflows with creative originality and a visit to the National Museum and Art Gallery allows you to view the local’s contribution to the world and its art scene. For magnificent views of the city’s skyline, make your way to one of Botswana’s highest hills. The Kgale Hill offers a great vantage point for those who want to relish in the city’s African atmosphere and makes for great photographs too.

The city is the ideal springboard when visiting Botswana’s world famous reserves. Whatever your reasons are for visiting the African city of Gaborone, rest assured that you will be welcomed warmly.

Access Details

Flights are scheduled to Gaborone from Harare, Johannesburg and Lusaka.

Suggested Stay Details

When on holiday, Gaborone serves mainly as a gateway to Maun and the surrounding safari nature reserves; because of this, we suggest a nights stay if necessary.

Type of Experience

"It has a dynamic economy, ideal for business activities, including conferencing, meetings, shopping, casino and visiting a few smaller museums.


Gaborone is a fast growing city, with business and tourism centres. The main financial centre known as the Mall, houses numerous banks, offices and shops. As the capital city, Gaborone offers all the amenities of a world class business destination.

Accommodation includes modern furnished three star hotels, with all the services from conference rooms to bar and restaurant facilities. Lodges are ideally positioned to offer ease of access for both the business traveller and the leisure visitors alike.


Geographically, Gaborone is nestled between the following cities. Located on the eastern outskirts you will find Mochudi, Mogoditshane is to the north-west of Gaborone and to the south-east, Ramotswa is situated.


"Chief Kgosi Gaborone settled in the area as early as 1880 and the city was named Gaberones, after the chief’s village, by early European settlers. It became the capital of the Bechaunaland Protectorate in 1965.

When Botswana gained independence in 1966, it started building its capital city next to Gaberones and in 1969, the capital city’s name was changed from Gaberones to Gaborone.

As a result of the speed at which the city was build; Gaborone experienced a major influx of people seeking labour, building informal settlements on the outskirts of the city.

Gaberones was incorporated as a suburb of Gaborone and is now know known by locals as the Village. Gaborone is currently one of Africa’s fastest growing cities and the Botswana’s seat of government too.

Activities & Highlights

"LAVISH LIVING: Get away from the hustle of economic pressures and swing your way to the green. Gaborone is home to a well manicured 18-hole golf course; fully equipped with the lavish luxuries of cosmopolitan living. This is the ideal spot to celebrate after closing a well pitched business deal.

MUSEUM AND GALLERY: The National Museum and Art Gallery opened in 1968. The exhibits range from traditional crafts to historical artifacts and canvas paintings done by prominent artists such as Thomas Baines and Lucas Sithole

Season Travel Details

Gaborone has a semi-arid climate, which means the city is graced with sunshine almost all year round. Summer months are hot with little rainfall, peaking during January to February. During the winter season, expect warm days and cold nights.

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