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Activities and Highlights
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Hailed as the Sunshine City, Harare is a picturesque town fringed by the shades of delicate purple Jacaranda blossoms and the fiery intensity of Flamboyant petals.

This gateway city’s blooms and boasts many natural, historical and cultural marvels, and as the economic hub and capital city of Zimbabwe, Harare embraces modernity while remaining true to a truly African atmosphere.

As a traveller, you will find that despite the country’s somewhat rocky reputation, Harare nestles many surprisingly interesting sites within its immaculate borders. A visit to the National Gallery will certainly offer a fascinating glimpse into the Zimbabwe’s valuable art collections, as well as a chance to see the renowned and exceptional Shona soft-stone carvings.

Make your way to the National Botanic Gardens and you will experience nature’s splendour. Home to 900 species of wild trees and shrubs, the gardens is the ideal area to unwind and be surrounded by nature while enjoying a scrumptious picnicking in the park. Close by you will find a variety of wildlife that roams in the naturally preserved landscape of the Mukuvisi Woodlands.

The African city of Harare roars with the presence of its largest open-air street market, the Mbare Curio Market. Here the eclectic flare of many novelties, the colourful array of crafts and the intricate carvings of soapstone and wood make the perfect souvenirs.

The Eastern Highlands are enveloped in the temperate subtropical climate.

The high elevation gives the area a mild and pleasant area to live. There is a high rainfall in the summer months and the night-time temperatures in winter can get rather chilly.

Access Details

International flights travel to Harare from London, Frankfurt, Sydney, Johannesburg and numerous African capital cities.

Suggested Stay Details

Harare is a gateway city to the rest of Zimbabwe?s magnificent beauty and when travelling into Harare or to your ideal destination, a one or two night stay is sufficient.

Type of Experience

COSMOPOLITAN FLAIR: As a cosmopolitan city, Harare boasts world class hotels and many lovely restaurants to tickle your taste buds. Frequented by many international business travellers, the city is equipped with a well developed transport infrastructure, conference venues and accommodation. Golf is a yet another fascinating activity to discover when in Harare. The Royal Harare Golf Club and its course is one of five southern African golf courses to be given the international status of being ‘royal’, and once you tee off of this 18 hole championship course, you will understand why.


Harare is an international venue for business travellers, the capital city of Zimbabwe and a cosmopolitan city that has an excellent transport network. Explore the city and stay in the cultural flair of a country lodge.


Harare naturally supports open woodlands. The city has a south western elevation of granite known as the Kopje.


Originally named Salisbury, Harare was founded in 1890 as a result of Cecil Rhodes’ Pioneer Column, declared as a municipality in 1897 and was officially recognised as a city in 1935. Before 1963, Salisburg was the capital of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, and after 1963, it formed the capital of Southern Rhodesia.

The country was declared dependent from the United Kingdom in 1965 and as a result, the Republic of Rhodesia was proclaimed in 1970, but it was only internationally recognized in 1980 as the Republic of Zimbabwe.

In 1982, the capital city of Salisbury was renamed as Harare to mark the second anniversary of the country’s independence.

Activities & Highlights

BIRD LOVERS: Explore the outskirts of Harare and visit the Larvon Bird Garden. If you are a bird watcher, make sure your binoculars are close at hand because the area has a spectacular array of birdlife; 180 species to be exact. From eagles to vultures and ibis, the Larvon Bird Gardons is not to be passed by. Situated within the confines of Lake Chivero Recreational Park is the Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary, which boasts a remarkable 450 bird species. Ewanrigg Botanical Gardens is yet another attraction that acts as a sanctuary to many sunbirds, and has about 270 recorded species of birds.

WILDLIFE WONDERS: Lake Chivero Recreational Park is the ideal area to visit when in search of nature’s pleasures. Fishing, walking trails, boating and horse riding are amongst the activities that await your visit at the park. Chivero Game Park is home to white rhinos, zebras, giraffes, wildebeest, tsessebe, baboons and much more.

AGRICULTURE: Tobacco is a major export of Zimbabwe and the country was believed to have produced the worlds best leafs. Today, Harare is home to the largest tobacco floors in the world. The country’s Tobacco and Marketing Board has three major floors; the Boka Tabacco, the Millenium Tobacco and the Tabacco Sales Floor. Make your way to these floors and gain some insight into the trade.

Season Travel Details

Harare is located within the subtropical highland climate, and as such, the city’s temperatures are pleasant. The rainy season between November and April is characterised by warm humid days, and cool nights. From the months of May to August, Harare becomes dry with cool temperatures and during September and October, days become much warmer.

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