Agulhas and Route 62

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Agulhas and Route 62

Activities and Highlights
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spots for sailing, Algoa Bay boasts world class scuba diving sites, fishing, wind-surfing and much more.

Located on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth you will find the famous Addo Elephant National Park. From rocky shorelines, across plains and valleys, and into mountain areas each with their own unique biodiversity; this is the only site in the world where the Big 7 can be viewed. Do not pass up the remarkable opportunity to see elephants, lions, buffaloes, leopards, rhinos, whales and great white sharks in their natural habitat. The Addo Elephant National Park is known to have the world’s largest concentration of elephant herd; more than 450 of these gigantic land mammals roam the protected terrain of Africa.

Access Details

Daily flights are offered locally from Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg airports, and internationally to Port Elizabeth International Airport. Accessing the Addo Elephant National Park is only 73 km from Port Elizabeth and is an ideal self-drive safari destination.

Suggested Stay Details

Spend at least 2 to 3 days in the area especially if you are traveling between the Garden Route and Cape Town and you want to get off the beaten track.

Type of Experience

Elizabeth would be complete without a visit to the Red Location Museum. The award winning museum incorporates an innovative perspective which challenges the traditional notion of museums. It exhibits the lives and groups who opposed the Apartheid regime through the use of cubicles separated by rusted metal sheets, the same metal used to build shacks in the surrounding shantytowns.


Settler farmhouses are among the few iconic accommodations on offer within the game parks. Offering 21st century hotels, spas, casinos and gold resorts; Port Elizabeth does not run short on the exquisite luxuries of life either.


Port Elizabeth and the surrounding areas consist of 5 of South Africa’s 7 biomes which sweep from rocky shorelines, across plains and valleys, and into mountain areas each with their own diversity.


the years, farms were bought out, the land rehabilitated and incorporated into the reserve. Currently, the elephant population has risen to more than 450 with other wildlife being introduced as well.

Activities & Highlights

the Water Sport Capital of Africa, the coastal town offers an array of water activities to keep you fit and happy throughout your stay. Dive, sail, fish, jet ski in the warm Indian Ocean or relax and unwind along the seashore. Visit the Oceanarium and marvel at the dolphins as they leap through hoops, you may even get a chance to pet them.

WILDLIFE DIVERSITY: Port Elizabeth and the surrounding areas are extremely diverse in wildlife. The array of vegetation in the area contains five of the seven typographic terrains found within South Africa, and because of this, both land mammals and bird species thrive in this region. Addo Elephant National Park protects the densest concentration of elephants in the world; as well as 400 Cape buffalo and more than 48 endangered black rhino. Keep your eyes open for the last remaining population of flightless dung beetles, and remember, these beetles do have right of way whenever you are driving through the park.

Season Travel Details

Port Elizabeth and its surrounding areas are known to have a subtropical or oceanic climate. Light rain is consistent throughout the year. Known to possess the worlds forth most moderate climate; Port Elizabeth winters are mildly cool and summers are moderately warm. Spring blooms into colour around the end of August into September, with temperatures rising in October. Summer brings peak temperatures of 24-30°C (75-86°F) during November to March. The cooler temperatures start in April with the autumn leaves falling, ushering in the winter months during June to August.

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