Nelspruit and Malelane

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Nelspruit and Malelane

Activities and Highlights
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"Shaded in a sea of blossoming petals, Nelspruit welcomes its visitors warmly to fertile valleys and transports them through a subtropical portal into Mpumalanga and its alluring regions.

The city is inundated with the growth of flower fringed avenues and boasts the first man-made tropical forest. Nature truly prevails in Nelspruit and even though the city is an embodiment of a modern concrete jungle, its vistas range from ancient cycad gardens to botanical gardens, flowing rivers and sun drenched hills.

The city is visited by many and opens the gate to world renowned attractions such as Kruger National Park where the African Big Five roam freely, as well as the gold mining town of Kaapsehoop.

Situated at the foot of Kruger National Park is the quant farming town of Malalane. The little town, like Nelspriut, is filled with views of agricultural landscapes that stretch from patches of sugarcane plantations to fields that flourish with the scent of tropical fruit. Located just outside of Malalane is the ancient Sudwala Caves, which dates as far back as 3000 million years, causing some to believe that it is the oldest caves in the world.

The city’s name was changed in 2009 to Mbompela, and although that is it’s official name, road signs and locals all still refer to it as Nelspruit."

Access Details

Nelspruit’s Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport has daily scheduled flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town, while the city is an easy 5 hour drive along the N4 national road from Johannesburg.

Suggested Stay Details

Nelspruit is the ideal destination to base yourself in if you planning to explore the Mpumalanga Escarpment and the southern regions of Kruger National Park. If this is the case, we suggest a stay of about 2 to 5 nights.

Type of Experience

PANORAMA ROUTE: Ideal as a self drive destination, the Mpumalanga Escarpment has some of the most beautiful sights in South Africa. It is by exploring the Panorama Route that you’ll undoubtedly marvel at the escarpment’s splendour, cultural heritage and surreal magnitude. Blyde River Cannon is certainly a highlight as the world’s third largest canyon.

Attractions such as the Pinnacle, which is a finger shaped outcrop of quartzite rocks, stretches out towards the heavens for 30m. A lookout into God’s Window and the highest point of the escarpment, Wonder View, is sure to take your breath away. Discover the thundering sounds of the escarpments height waterfall, Lisbon Falls, or close your eyes, make a wish and toss a coin in the eroded cylindrical spectacle of Bourke’s Luck Potholes.


Nelspruit and its surrounding are excellently equipped to meet the increasing needs of its many visitors, with international bank facilities, a superb transport network and comfortable accommodation. Guest houses boast five-star ratings and offers outstanding dining experiences as well as glorious views of nature. Safari lodges are all about luxury, modernity and clean lines.


This region falls within the Mpumalanga Provinces Lowveld.


"Nelspruit’s history starts with a station being build in the area of the Crocodile River Valley, on the farm owned by the Nel Family. As many streamed into the area,

Nelspruit became the hub of the Lowveld. With the arrival of Hugh Lanion Hall in 1890, the area became home to the establishment of the country’s biggest fruit estates, today known as Hall and Sons Limited. As the station’s railway line extended, it reached Malalane in 1892, and in the same year, it reached Nelspruit.

Though not officially commissioned for business yet, the railway line was only proclaimed in 1895. Areas around Nelspruit were plagued by Malaria and Nagana causing fluctuation in its population. After the Anglo-Boer War, the health risks diminished thanks to medication such as DDT. With the control of malaria, Nelspruits population surged, pioneering agriculture in the area.

In 2009, the South African government decided to rename the city of Nelspruit to Mbombela; even though all road signs remain emblazoned with its original name to this day. "

Activities & Highlights

"KRUGER NATIONAL PARK: Enter the southern regions through the main gate of Malalane and explore the world renowned Kruger National Park. Discover Africa’s Big Five, from prides of lion, charging rhino and mighty buffalo, to large herds of elephants, the elusive leopard and the river lounging hippopotamus.

Track down cheetah, antelope and fleeting zebra. Kruger National Park’s southern regions contain the most prolific concentration of wildlife, so there is no doubt that you will experience the thrill of the African wild.

BOTANICAL GARDENS: The Lowveld National Botanical Gardens is visited by many who voyage through the confined of *Nelspruit. Lush, spectacular and colourful, the Botanical Gardens shows off its rare collection of endangered plants. As it is situated close to the merging of both the Nels and Crocodile Rivers, there is no doubt that the subtropical haven is a land of thriving greenery.

LAVISH LIVING: Take a break from all the sightseeing and wind down on the immaculate vistas of Leopard Creek Golf Course. Utilizing the natural landscape of Kruger National Park, the course was designed by renowned golfer, Gary Player, and is probably South Africa’s most famous.

If teeing off on famous lawn isn’t your style, then dress the part and try your hand at the Emnotweni Casino Resort. If you’ve got the skills to beat the house, blackjack is ideal to pass the time and earn some extra spending cash. If luck is on your side, then play the slots; or if you are really feeling lucky, then bet it all on the roulette table. "

Season Travel Details

Nelspruit graced by a humid subtropical climate so you can expect hot and humid rainy summers. Winters are generally humid and warm.

Rain falls mostly in the summer months starting in October to March, with up to 500 mm (30 in) rainfall a year. The dry season sets in from April to September with pleasantly warm days and cools to cold nights.

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